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The Hidden Power to Listening to God

I have been very blessed in my life and in my family, and it has been my life’s work to help others to feel that way too. In April 2014, I decided to reach out to a wider community by writing an Internet blog so that I could share my thoughts and feelings about life, love, and my faith in the hope that it would offer some small amount of comfort and encouragement to others going through life’s process.

My blog has gone from strength to strength, and I have received many messages and kind words about how my website has helped both men and women, old and young, on their journey through life. My first e-book, When You Walk through a Storm, written in 2015, grew from that idea. It explained how faith in God can help you through the storms of life.

Now, one year on, I feel the time is right to put pen to paper again. This time I want to talk to you about the power of prayer and how it can help you through the process of life. Prayer is an important part of my faith, and I hope that this little book can help to strengthen your own faith and bring you closer to God through the power of prayer.

The Power of Prayer Book

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