It’s My Birthday!! & I am Soooo Grateful!!


It’s my birthday!! I am celebrating the entire month.  It is a blessing to be alive.  God has done so much for me.   I’ve battled with minor health issues, finding my purpose and balancing marriage, ministry & motherhood! WOOHOO!!! I’m alive and it’s worth celebrating!

So many of you asked me how do I do what I do… .so it’s MY pleasure and honor to give to you some of my mom’s quotes to balancing this thing called life!!


1-Momma always said  be nice & respectful  to others because you never know when you might need their help!!

2-Life is short!! Your children & family are a priority.  They are only young once!! Spend time with them & enjoy!!

3-Housecleaning is the best exercise you can get!!

4-Always be on time for work & do your job & don’t worry about what others do!!

5-You should always have one day out of the week where you Relax and do absolutely nothing!

6-Eat your Greens because they are not only good for you but they will clean you Out!!

Thank you Mom for your Love & Words of Wisdom!!

Love & Miss you,

Your Daughter,


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  • Jessica

    I can hear granny now saying #3… “Oh you’re cold get up and clean the house.” lol

  • Kristal Barney

    Happy Birthday Pastor Maria. I am grateful that GOD has allowed us to connect. Your words are God driven and powerful and I pray that GOD will continue to use you to touch lives as you have touched mine. Have an extraordinary blessed day on this day and many more in the future. In love your sister in Christ, Kristal B.

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