Overcoming Your Obstacle!!

Obstacles are defined as something that blocks your path which makes it difficult  to overcome a task.    The Military is well known for utilizing obstacle courses for physical training to build teamwork and problem solving skills.

Overcoming Obstacles Message Series

All of my life, I have had to face obstacles and having come to the conclusion that Obstacles are a part of life’s journey.I have a choice to either  deal with it  or be a wimp, cry, have a temper tantrum, and become angry with  those around me.  I decided to deal with My  Obstacle head on.

One day while sitting in my office on a beautiful sunny day, I began to ask the question that I had asked over the years.  Why is life so, hard for me to achieve my goals?  The answer was  simple and direct. Because you were designed for this!  

Have you ever wondered why for some it seems like life comes so easy for them and for you it doesn’t?

Well, if you are the one that is shaking your head and your inner self is saying that’s me, Welcome to the Club! 

If I can offer a valuable lesson and suggestion in the handling of your Obstacle course; Deal with It!!

Obstacles are designed to make you Stronger, to make you Wiser as well as Better.  And  if it wasn’t for that Obstacle, I would not be the person that I am Today!!

So, In my Conclusion,

Be Grateful for your Obstacles!!



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You are a person of destiny. You are equipped. You are talented. You are creative. You were designed for a purpose.Facing the storms of life

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