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Start Living the Life of your Dreams

And Set Yourself Up To Literally
Create Multiple Streams of Income
Earning More!

Ready to start the year off with a bang. Starting or taking that business to the next level. Learn how to use powerful methods & information to generate limitless increase in your life?

How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income and Make A Global Impact

A business boosting program to help you turn your ideas/passions into income.

Ready to Increase Your Income Streams for business & or ministry from the Comfort of your Home Using A Proven Foundational Business Process Personally Created by Myself

How would you feel if you had complete faith and trust that you were always on the right path?

This is the very bridge between where you are right now and where you want to go.

You must step into the reality of what you want & believe it to be true to such a degree that you can’t tell anymore between what’s real or what’s imagined.

And we’re going to show you how to do it!

We’ll show you how to confidently show up, knowing that what you’ve asked for is already done. 

You’ll learn how to get what you want without worrying about the cost. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When it’s already done, you would no longer worry about it not happening…and so the only option you’re giving God is the inevitability of it happening.

If your success was already INEVITABLE & all you had to do was make that decision and actually TAKE the action of enrolling… imagine how different life will be just one year from now.



Here’s what you’ll Get:


1. CLARITY: How to Get Clear on your Business/Ministry  Goals and determine what your Ask 

2. BRANDING: How to properly position your business, & or ministry to ask for what u want  for maximum amount  (Get your Paperwork in Order)

3. PROGRAM SERVICE CREATION: Create IN-DEMAND services. What your market is looking for & how u can fufill that need using proven models.

4. PROPOSAL MAGIC: Once you’ve position yourself in the market, it’s time to market your services. We’re going to show you the foundational methods you need in place to properly SECURE AN effective grant writer

A  LIVE  Coaching Program. This is the perfect course for people who have always wanted to start their business & or ministry or you want to perfect where your are but did not know how & what to do to move forward.

All Sessions are taught live.  You will experience interactive lessons with Q& A on each call.  We’re here to help you succeed! 

The Private Success Facebook Group-With over 20 years of expertise to draw from you can get answers to all of your burning questions. You’ll also connect, create and collaborate with other success-minded entrepreneurs, & ministry leaders who like you have taken the leap to grow their business to another level. Finally, you’ll have others to bounce your ideas, get good feedback, work together and keep one another encouraged on your journey.. 

During the course of the program, you’ll learn valuable skills . Such as how to research & find the right fit.  How to develop a productive & effective relationship and gain a better understanding of how the grant funding process works. 

Discover the tools necessary to make your life extraordinary

Reach Boundless Opportunities By Exercising Your Personal Power Adopt The Tactics Necessary To Thrive In The Online Economy


  • 1on1 call
  • A list of Affirmations that win
  • How to Find Free Money for your business & or ministry
  • How to Attract the right people in your circle

For over 20 years, I’ve helped ordinary people go to the next level in their lives.

I’ve taught them get clear on their goals and apply proven methods to get results.


Many have experienced overwhelming success in their industries.


It’s your time to get what you want. Join us in Creating the Life you Want Now!!

Here’s some of our stories

Though I had taken several courses throughout the past few years, I still had many unanswered questions.

Winning, Wealthy and Wise was a Big “Win Win” for me! This easy, strategic, practical course took me from “Manage My Emotions,” Communications Vs Negotiations, Starting Vs Managing a business to Online Networking within 1 year. We learned when and where and how to advertise our Businesses. We were able to get past the fear of Posting Live on Social Media, The importance of Vision Boards coupled with Essential Financial tools, Mindset, Money and Motivation were all inclusive treasures!

But the Biggest Gift for me is that it was Faith Based! God First, Faith Forward, Suited up in the Whole Armor of God Standing on His Promises! 

Upon completion of this course, I was confident, secure not only in knowledge but also in practicality as I am now doing the things that I learned and it’s “Breaking Business Barriers” for me!

Thank you for your unselfish Motivation and Workshops to help people like us who need a “Faith Based, Faith Forward, Actual, Factual, Real Life Course that makes the Difference between “Failure and Success!

I look forward to your next class!



Evangelist Mary Barber

DINO’S would like to say thank you to Pastor Maria Reems and Team for holding a Grant class in 2022 over Zoom. I was able to take lots of notes and ask questions. Such as can we edit our website if needed to fit the grant? What are some things the grantees look for? Can we have more than 1 grant writer?

Thanks to pastor Maria Reems they answered all my questions gave me great advice and so I looked for a writer. Shared my vision and mission. DINO’S received a grant for 100,000. That had to be completed in 8 moths.