How to Rebuild your World After a Life-Altering Crisis? 

You Didn't See It Coming.

How Does A Sister Heal? 

Now you are devastated. How can you lift your head following the let down? What does one do with the shame? How do you deal with anger in the aftermath of the deception? How does a sister heal from earth-shattering crisis?

Understanding Heartbreak 

Bishop Earnestine C. Reems understands your pain well because she has walked a mile in your high heels. She writes to the broken hearted from first-hand experience. The bishop bares her sould in this honest, no holds barred discussion on the impact of heartbreak and the healing that can be yours.

This Is Not The End!

God desires restoration for your life. Prepare to see your rainbow rise and your situation change. Sit down with the bishop. Let her point the way to a brighter day. Open this book and drink deeply. You will find hope within its pages.

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