Summertime is Here!!  i will chill out

It is a Great time to enjoy the weather, hang out with family and friends and get  together with long time acquaintances.  Simply, having Fun in the Sun!

This summer I have decided to take it easy and not stress about Life! For example, what are the kids going to do this summer? What will be the cost  of new home repairs and last but not least what weekend will I have the family over for food, fun & fellowship.

What is Stress? It is the Emotional and Physical way in which we respond to pressure.  Some of the symptoms are raised blood pressure or depression.

I have made up in my mind, I love my family and my kids however, to stress  doesn’t  make it any better, Actually, it makes it worse. 

So, before you decide to begin to Stress over the next couple of months, would you please ask yourself? Can I Benefit in Any way? and How Am I Affecting others by being Stressed?

I guarantee you, you will think twice before you allow yourself to Stress.  One more thing,  Always Remember,

Don’t Focus on How Stressed you Are, Just remind Yourself How Blessed You Are!!

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  • Idaline Meralus

    Hello Maria Reems, I have ministries and I need hel with grant writing. How can you help?

  • Idaline Meralus

    Hello Maria Reems, I have ministries and I need hel with grant writing. How can you help?

  • Bullard Eiffel

    Hi Maria this is Eiffel. I’m very interested in learning from you more about seeking funding for my business.

  • Mary Barber

    Good Morning Pastor Maria 🥰

    Yes Ma’am I AM Interested!!!😅😅😅

  • Deborah St James

    I’m part of an Orphanage in Narobi, Kenya. I want too help raise funds to establish a their legal issues that need to become a 501 (C).

    I’m just learning what is needed for this Orphanage. I’m interested in learning how ti write grants!

    Thank you
    Deborah St Jamed

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