13 Reasons to Enjoy Being Single

  1. You do not have to share your closet with anyone else
  2. You do not have to shave your legs if you do not want to. (Shhhh…)
  3. No one to cook for except yourself means you can regularly have cold cereal for dinner.
  4. You have the entire television remote to yourself.
  5. Be Spontaneous
  6. The entire bed is yours
  7. Spend as much time with God as you want. He’s never too busy and always on time.
  8. Do not have to pick up around the house for anyone else ????
  9. You have freedom to choose your way OR the highway…and both are equally appealing.
  10. Spend as much quality time with Friends & Family as you can
  11. Travel
  12. Sleep in as long as you like
  13. Buy the expensive bag or overpriced shoes without having to think about it twice


What are some of YOUR favorite things about being single?

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