7 Ways to Feed your Faith at Work


faith at work

Since Faith without works is dead, Here are my secrets to activate your Faith at work.
STAY FOCUSED. At one point you were praying to get the job you now have. Perhaps other issues are emerging to steal your focus and keep you from being as productive as you can be. When personal pain threatens to push you off track, refocus and take a PRAISE break.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COWORKER AND A FRIEND. Learn to set boundaries.  Joseph had a dream in the book of Genesis and shares it with others only to be ridiculed, set up for failure and attacked due to their jealousy. Such can be the workplace environment.   
RESIST JEALOUSY. Celebrate others when they do well. Just like you pray that God blesses you despite your inadequacies, so do others. Don’t question who He blesses.
AVOID GOSSIP.  Reputation is everything—your personal reputation and the company’s. As GOOD as the latest gossip may be, avoid it at all costs. Your coworkers or employer will lose confidence in you if destructive, inaccurate information is linked to you. It will destroy your credibility and can damage you. Scripture reveals, “Let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth, but only what is good and necessary” (Ephesians 4:29).
BE WILLING TO FORGIVE. A quick way to start confusion is to voice your concerns about someone to another party instead of going to the person. Doing that shows a lack of leadership and confidence. Matthew 18:15 says, “If you have a problem with anyone, tell him and him alone.”

ENCOURAGE NOT DISCOURAGE.  Speak positive words and stay away from the negative.

REMIND YOURSELF. This assignment is only a stepping  stone to my next Blessing.



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