Be Encouraged, You Win!!

Have you ever been at a place where you wanted to throw in the towel?  And everything around you looks  like it is tumbling down.  Well, last week I found myself in that place.  The kids had major school projects due, the urgent needs of the ministry cried out, and my energy level was at an all time low.  I shouted!!  Lord, what is happening ?  Am I really in the right place? But a small still voice spoke , Maria, You Win!stressed bus woman



I would like to share with those who have felt like this before & came Soooooo close to giving up but decided to  give  it another chance!!

To Encourage means to Build up, to Support & to Inspire.  It is an attempt to persuade someone to succeed.

We are encouraged through words, songs, entertainment & or  others around us.  I have come to the conclusion that there are some who have the Gift of Encouragement.  They speak words of faith, love and hope and have a tendency to light up a room everywhere they go.  

I would like to Encourage you who are reading this on today.

You Win!!

Trials & Tribulations are a part of life.  Noone is exempt from not having them.  They happen in our marriages, with our children, on our jobs, in ministry & even friendships.  I would like to share with you some helpful tips that has helped me along the Winning way !!

1-Prayer- Carve out a time in the morning (preferably) before you start your day

2-Give thanks-You might not have all  that you would like but be grateful for what you have

3-Help someone else who is in need-Feed the homeless, donate clothing or help someone with a task

4-Speak positive-Speaking positive words of affirmation will change your entire outlook on life

5-Don’t forget to Smile-I know it sounds odd. However, a smile can uplift & change your environment

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