At some point in our lives we have all experienced some type of Pain and or hurt.  The Webster’s dictionary definition of Pain is something or someone that causes trouble, anger and  or suffering.   Although, it does not feel good neither is it attractive, there is a Purpose to your Pain that will produce Power!!learning is a gift pain

There are two types of pain, physical and emotional.  I am going to focus on the emotional side of pain.  The emotional side entails any type of disappointment, heart brake, rejection and or manipulation.   At times, this type of pain can hurt just as much as extreme physical pain.  Some symptoms are lack of focus, depression, lack of appetite, eating too much, isolation and fear.

Below are tips that could possibly assist you in getting rid of your Pain!!

1-Learn to listen-We don’t learn from talking but we learn from listening.

2-Be real & be transparent-Be unique, be honest & be yourself.

3-Don’t entertain negative behaviors

4-Turn your pain into power-Take action. Share love instead of hate. 

Although, I have found one of  the best remedies for going through Pain is communication (talking about it ) however, the most important thing to  remember is that your Pain has a Purpose and your Purpose can produce Power!!

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