How to Change your Thinking & Win at Life

Winning is more about how we choose to think versus the circumstances we face!

Here are four characteristics that can help you develop and maintain a winning mindset.

  1. Define your Win
     If you don’t define it, you will keep yourself subjected to confusion about your success and your failures. Find out what’s important for you in your personal life, career and health. For an hour of two, set aside your ego, and also your guilt, and think about what a win would look like to you.
  2. Set goals
    Start by setting goals in the three areas of life: work, relationships, and health.
  3. Find inspiration and motivation
    Setting goals isn’t enough. The next step helps you to find a way to convince your brain to stick to that goal and get inspired about how to move ahead. The best way to find motivation is through books. Go find 2-3 books that can keep your inspired and stay persistent; read them again and again.A few books that worked for me were:

    1. The Battlefield of the Mind
    2. Rich Dad Poor Dad
    3. The Bible
  4. Create habits
    Learn to work with an excellent spirit. Challenge yourself. Make it a routine to commit yourself to and demand exceptional performance from yourself.

Learn to find WIN with the smallest bits of work that help you reach your goal. Then stay committed and strive to live them daily.

I found that successful people with WINNING ATTITUDES; they don’t really search for success, but instead they set habitual routines into their lives, consciously or unconsciously, and seek out the best way forward.

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