How to Handle Your Disappointment!

At some time in our lives, we have all experience this thing called Disappointment!

You cannot run from it, deny it or even hide from it !

Disappointments are a part of Life’s lessons.  A lesson is defined as an activity that we do in order to learn something or something that is taught where knowledge is gained.

Although, experiencing Disappointments may not feel good or at times look good; what’s most importantly is that you have learned from it & there was Knowledge gained.

Disappointments come in all Shapes and Sizes.  They come in the raising of our Children, in Relationships as well as in our Careers.

Always remember, they are only here for a season.  Whenever they come ask yourself, Is there a lesson to learned? What knowledge can I gain from this?

Most importantly, know that there is Power in Letting it Go!

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