It’s My Birthday!! & I am Soooo Grateful!!


It’s my birthday!! I am celebrating the entire month.  It is a blessing to be alive.  God has done so much for me.   I’ve battled with minor health issues, finding my purpose and balancing marriage, ministry & motherhood! WOOHOO!!! I’m alive and it’s worth celebrating!

So many of you asked me how do I do what I do… .so it’s MY pleasure and honor to give to you some of my mom’s quotes to balancing this thing called life!!


1-Momma always said  be nice & respectful  to others because you never know when you might need their help!!

2-Life is short!! Your children & family are a priority.  They are only young once!! Spend time with them & enjoy!!

3-Housecleaning is the best exercise you can get!!

4-Always be on time for work & do your job & don’t worry about what others do!!

5-You should always have one day out of the week where you Relax and do absolutely nothing!

6-Eat your Greens because they are not only good for you but they will clean you Out!!

Thank you Mom for your Love & Words of Wisdom!!

Love & Miss you,

Your Daughter,


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