Making Lemons out of Lemonade

Two glasses of fresh lemonade and a bowl full of lemons outside on a summers day.



We all know how challenging life can be at times.
Marriage, motherhood & ministry can be quite challenging at times. At times I feel like I have been squeezed a little extra lemon juice on that already painful cut. However, how we deal with it defines who we are.


Some people choose to suck up the pain and brave it out when deep down inside it REALLY hurts.

Some like to clean the wound and use a bit of antiseptic to kill the germs.

While others just cover it over with a sticking plaster and pretend there is nothing there.

Either way Lemons are sour and they sting!

Life can be filled with the bitter taste of lemons. However, here are at least 3 ways you can make lemonade from a bitter past:

1-Take control of your thinking-Concentrate your energy on those things we can control in our life and block out and distance yourself from negative thinking and environments.

2-Look for the lesson-There is something you can learn from every encounter.  Ask yourself what is the lesson that I am learning.

3-Don’t get stuck, keep it moving-Do not entertain a pity party.  Although, you will get a lot of attention from others but the ole saying goes, “birds of a feather fly together.”

All of us have the potential to learn and grow in the face of adversities, to find the blessing in disguise. I have found that this is the greatest prerequisite of turning the lemons into lemonade.


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