This Thing Called Faith & Motherhood

The definition of a Mother is someone who brings up a Child with care & affection.  To look after kindly and protectively sometimes excessively.

Being a Mother of three girls, between the ages of 11 & 25, At times the  job of motherhood can be extremely overwhelming.  Between school, friendships, extracurricular activities and beauty transformations, I would like to ask my Mother, “Mom, how did you  do it”?

Looking back over my childhood, I remembered everything being so accessible.  My sisters and I walked to school, extracurricular activities were after school at the very same location and we played outside with our neighborhood friends until the street lights would come on.

Now, walking in the shoes of my mother, having to prepare balanced meals, making sure  homework and chores are done & relationships are nurtured; Being a mother is nonstop.  Motherhood is 24 hours, 7 days a week and no breaks allowed.

I believe God has granted us this time as Mothers to assist in preparing our children for what’s to come (The Real World).  They will experience disappointments, rejections and even persecutions.  But we must constantly remind them that They can be whoever they would like to be and They can do whatever they would like to do.

There are no limits to the gifts and talents that God has placed inside of them.  The Sky is the Limit.  All that God requires us to do is Just Believe and Have Faith!!

Thank you, Mom for Being such an Awesome Mom!

Happy Mothers Day to All the Awesome Moms!!!


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