Woman at the Well

Have you ever looked back on your life–the wins and losses, the accomplishments and failures, things that you’ve built and that have fallen apart–and wondered, “What’s it all about? Who am I really? Where is this all leading?” Chances are if you are reading this post then you have at least felt or considered some of these things like the Woman at the Well.

cheering hiking woman open arms at mountain peak
Last week I received an invitation  to be a part of a panel on the radio.  The subject was the Woman at the Well,  (Male & Female relationships).   Immediately, It came to mind that I was once the Woman at the Well & many others seeking for that refreshing drink of water.  First of all, who is the Woman at the Well. She is found in the gospel of St. John chapter 4 in the bible where she came to the well at the heat of the day when no one was there.  She was a Samaritan, with low self esteem, insecure, frustrated & looking for love in all the wrong places. How many of us have tried to hide our identity in relationships?  Seeking for that right one and never being fulfilled?

The Well represents a refreshing experience. This encounter with Jesus is a life changing  experience.    The Woman at the well is fulfilled.  I must ask the Question,  Do we know what we really want? or Are we still searching in all the wrong places?

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