A Blessing in Disguise!!

I have had the  privilege to live in a household with both parents (mother & father) up until the ripe age of  24 years old.  I had recently graduated from college & received a job offer where I would have to work and live in the territory I serviced.

A Blessing in Disguise!!


I had moved away from my parents when I was younger once before for all the wrong reasons which didn’t work out.  This time I felt this was the perfect opportunity for me to move into a new season of my life of independence & greater responsibility.
My parents were my Rock. Having both parents alongside me growing up, often times taking them for granted not realizing that one day I would hold the responsibility of taking care of them.  The Tables would Turn & It would be a Blessing in Disguise!!

I would be the decision maker (the adult) & my parents would subordinate (the child).  My father passed away over 8 years ago. I was considered his favorite being the youngest out of four siblings, a college graduate and an avid outdoorsmen which he enjoyed.

He  would always brag  to his friends and coworkers. I will always Love my Daddy,  and he is greatly missed.  

However, I still had Mama.  The one who took care of me while I was sick.  Mama who made sure we had hot meals on the table each night.  Mama who  took care of our basic needs and would sacrifice her happiness to make sure we were provided for.  Thank God for Mama!!

Now, the Table has turned. The Roles have been Reversed. I am the Caretaker  and my responsibility is to care for my Mother to make sure her  needs are Met.

Donnie McClurkin said it best, What do you do, When you don’t know what to do?
You just Stand!! 

Now, mama has her good days as well as  bad days. Some days are better than others. which makes my job that much harder. Wishing that the Good days would far outweigh the bad.

My prayer for this Season in my Life is Lord, Allow me to Give Back all that my Mom has so Bless me with over the Years!! I will Not Complain, Be Angry or Bitter.  Because it is Truly A Blessing in Disguise to Be Able to Give Back to Someone who sacrificed for you!!  

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  • Sandra Varner

    A very beautiful tribute to your parents. God’s love see us through all stages and phases of life. He is a restorer. I have learned that we should never give up on people, no matter what. As our mother’s health changed and her needs being met by us and caregivers, she maintains hope and faith in God; a blessing to all of us. Stay the course and be encouraged.

  • Sabrina Knuckles

    Watching our parent grow older isn’t often easy. However, it’s a time to give some of the same love they distributed back in caring for us. Often we feel unprepared but God helps to supply all our needs and we discover something about ourselves through this journey that we may not have known but God knew all the time. For an elderly parent, having their children around to spend time with, and provide care, makes a difference in their quality of life and has a significant effect on their emotional and mental state. Also, if you have children of your own modeling this behavior has favorable outcomes from generation to generation. That in itself is definitely a blessing!

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