Encouragement is a word that we cannot live without.  Even as newborn babies coming out of our mothers womb, being introduced to the world for the first time.  The medical staff Encourages mom to push, to relax while cheering her on.  As, the baby is coming down the birth canal, people are shouting, Encouraging words to the           newborn baby like you can do it, don’t quit & your almost there.

To Encourage means to give support, confidence or hope to someone.  Research has proven that when a child has grown up in an Encouraging and Supportive environment, their odds of succeeding in life is far greater than someone who has not.

Today, I want to Encourage all of my Beautiful Sisters, Mothers & Daughters.

You are doing a great job! God has a plan for your life.  It is much higher than any thought or deed that you can Imagine!

There are times when life gets tough.  When it seems like you cannot see your way & you might even ask yourself, Why me?

Can I share with you three words, Why not You?  Whatever, you have hoped for, whatever you have believed for, & whatever, you have prayed for;

Don’t give up, Don’t walk away, Don’t throw in the towel because A  Change is Coming!! & It is Going to Happen!!

P.S. To All of My Wonderful Sistas who utilize social media to uplift , to build up & to Encourage, Don’t Stop, Don’t Pause, because You might be Saving the Life of Someone’s Daughter, Mother & or Wife!!


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