Free to Be Me!!


Suddenly, the term Free to Be Me, keeps resonating in my mind when I wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day & before I go to bed at night.  After, reflecting on it for awhile, I would have to honestly say this is where I am at this point in my life. 

I am Free to Be Me!!10636-it-feels-good-to-be-free-it-feels-good-to-be-me

In the past, It bothered me what others thought or felt about me. Especially, when it came to making  important decisions, speaking up when others were silent or even when I would not support the popular vote .  Now,

I am Free to Be Me!!

Before making any type of decisions that affected other people or myself, I would consult others to get their point of view. What they thought? & How they felt about It.  If they did not agree,  I would not go forward with the decision.
First, I would try to persuade them & if that was not possible,  I would shut down and place them on a distant friendship list.

Now, that I have become older, mother of three kids, married to a wonderful husband, after experiencing many storms, rains & hurricanes, I can care less what & how other people think or feel about me. Now, I can Honestly say, I am Free to Be Me!!
Helpful Hints!!

1-You cannot please Everyone

2-Respect other people’s Opinion

3-It Is alright to make an Unpopular Decision

4- Execute

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