Where is your Faith?

As I go through Life’s journey, I have found that life has it’s ups and downs, it’s storms, it’s rain, it’s valleys as well as it’s Mountains.  

The Big question the Lord continues to bring to my remembrance is Maria, Where is your Faith?

I have found that it is Easy to have Faith when life is going well.   The kids are happy, relationships are well & work is going great. But what about when things are not happening like you thought it would?  The kids are unhappy and life seems like it is in a downward spiral.  What do you do when you do not know what to do?  Where is your Faith?

Hebrews 11:1, (NIV) describes Faith as being confident of what we hope for and having assurance about things that we cannot see. & the bible  also  states that ,We walk by Faith & not By Sight (2Cor.5:7).

I have found  Faith is a prerequisite  for life’s journey.  The more you utilize it, the more confident you will become .  The old adage if you don’t use it you will lose it is so true.  In order for your Faith to be Effective here are four Suggestions:

1- Be Optimistic-Always be positive and hopeful

2-Remove all Negative Forces-Release negative people, environments & words from your surroundings

3-Daily Confessions-Repeat daily confessions like I am Blessed, I can do all things, Nothing is Impossible.

4-Increase your Confidence-Try something that you have never done before.

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