My Brokenness, His Faithfulness & My Healing!!


brokenness is in the beauty

Have you ever questioned your life and the problems and situations in it? When I was growing up I was the youngest of three sisters. It seemed to be that they were allowed to get away with everything and anything I wasn’t that fortunate. Who could I seek to resolve this issue? I wasn’t an extremely spiritual child, however, deep down I knew that GOD had a great purpose in my life and this experience was only a setback to allow GOD to heal my Brokenness!!

Psalm 34:18:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit.”

As I journeyed through my teenage years and young adult years, I was exposed and curious about lots of things, my first real experience was over twenty years ago when I entered into an unhealthy relationship. Sure, I was still young and impressionable and it was always popular to be in a relationship to receive affection and attention from another person, but I believed that this was the “ONE” the one person whom I would spend the rest of my life with, and as unhealthy, painful, and dark and disappointing as it was, I was determined to stay in it, but for a while. My flesh believed that the pain I experienced in this relationship was alright, despite my fear, my sadness, and pain. I was broken.

Broken (adj)= Subdued totally; humbled: a broken spirit.

As I struggled to get out of this now situation no longer a relationship (in my mind), which was very challenging, I looked for assistance from another person and to no avail didn’t assist me with my exit, however, I was addressed with more pain: I was informed of the lies, the cheating and more disappointments and this made me feel even worse. At this point, I started to question GOD. “God, where are you?” If you are truly present why won’t you answer me? I didn’t realize that GOD never left my side, the whole in my heart was for GOD to mend, through my tears and long nights I was still comforted. I continued to speak to God asking lots of questions and telling him all about my anger and my disappointments. God did answer. He wanted me to surrender and my healing can only happen with Him.

I had an epiphany, GOD desires healing in all of our lives, no matter what we go through and how hard it seems to get out of hard situations. God has a bigger plan for all of our lives, our will is not our own its God’s. I also recognized how patient God was with me, when I saw the clear signs to exit out of this relationship and other things that were not healthy for me, His love continued to cover me and guide me. If I would just be patient with HIM and myself, my hole in my heart can be mended.

If you feel that you are in a broken space, please allow me to encourage you by you asking these three questions.


1. Do you believe you deserve better and why?

2. Are you responsible for your will and direction of your life?

3. Do you believe that GOD can mend your broken heart?


If you take the time to answer these questions honestly, I believe that GOD is able to heal your broken pieces of your life!

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