Broken but Blessed!!

brokkeness for a season



Life teaches us to despise brokenness.  Broken things are worthless.  Most of the time we      go buy new and replace our broken things.  We toss them.  They are not worth the time and energy needed to repair the Brokenness.

Unfortunately, we do the same thing with people.  It just takes too much time and energy to repair them.  Unconsciously, we toss them away.  We are too busy and important to take broken lives into the repair shop of our heart and begin the work of repairing. 

At one time, I was broken and shattered, and, though I believed in a God who desired my healing, I wondered whether I would make it through the brokenness to a healed and whole self. This was one of the hardest struggles of my life. It called into question all that I had trusted and believed in, including my relationship with God. At one point, I started to question, God.  God,  if you are present than why don’t you answer?

I came to believe that God desires healing and wholeness for each of us and for all creation. But God cannot prevent the brokenness that happens in our lives.  in our bodies, hearts, minds, and relationships. This brokenness, is all a part of the plan.
Now, I can see how my woundedness helped to form the person I have become. My brokenness is part of the unique fabric of my life — a part of the collection of experiences that make up who I am. My wounds have helped to shape me in positive ways the person I have become. My brokenness has been transformed into the gifts of Compassion, Creativity, Kindness, and Strength.

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