Our beloved poet, author, playwright & educator, Dr. Maya Angelou was well known for her many writings & poems that spoke about our past, future,  as well as our realities.  

Her famous poem,  And Still I Rise , in which Dr. Angelou was monumental for has set many free from the disease of low self esteem.  Self esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. She taught us to Rise from our Adversities, Rise from our Challenges, As well as to Rise from what others think or say about us.

I must say, I have learned many lessons in life.  But one of my greatest lessons that I have learned here on earth is that although we face many trials and tribulations,  some are more devastating than others.  Trials come to build, to heal & many times to grow us up from our childish inhibitions.  This one thing I do know that they do not last always.  When we accept the lesson learned in the trial, we become better & realize that there is POWER IN RISING UP!!




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